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Additional hands-on workshops announced for JAX

The big news for the past few weeks has been JAXConf being FREE TO ATTEND!   With over 40 sessions, keynote presentations and community events it is guaranteed to be fantastic experience combining Professional grade content with a community vibe.

If you want an immersive deep-dive into a particular subject matter then never fear.  On the Monday preceding the conference a hands-on day will offer a choice of 8 half day workshops, led by industry heavyweights.  These workshops are a great way to get practical knowledge of a subject area.  For just $299 you’ll be able to attend 2 workshops, including the following:

Mobile Design Workshop

Nathaniel T. Schutta Speaker, Writer, Polyglott Programmer


Get going with spatial NoSQL JEE6 applications in the cloud with OpenShift

Steve Citron-Pousty Red Hat


With places limited and filling up quickly we recommend you reserve a spot at For more information please email or visit

See you there!

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