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Spring is in the air with Josh Long of Springsource

In its 3.2 and 3.3 generations, the Spring Framework focuses on core features for asynchronous processing and message-oriented architectures, as well as enhancements to its caching support and its language support. Josh Long of Springsource goes into more details about his sessions at this year’s JAXConf.

I’ll be giving two talks at JAXConf this year - The Spring Update and Multi Client Development with Spring. The Spring Update introduces Spring 3.1, 3.2 and 4.0 to developers, providing a whirlwind tour of the latest and greatest features in the core Spring framework that underpins all of the SpringSource projects, including Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring Data, and Spring Social and the various web-application development frameworks. Multi Client Development with Spring introduces developers to Spring’s support for building RESTful, mobile and multi-client-centric applications with Spring MVC’s support for REST, Spring Social, and Spring Security OAuth.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. There was a time when, if you could integrate Struts, Hibernate, and Quartz into a single web application that shared transactions and DataSources, and worked reliably on Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 4, you were a rockstar! Spring, of course, reduced such an application to a trifle of configuration. Nobody loses sleep over such an application today. Instead, a contemporary developer faces a brave new world of API integration challenges: messaging-centric, asynchronous web applications, batch processing, varied data sources supporting all manner of data (big, relational, etc.), rich web applications, and mobile applications. Spring provides help for all of these domains, and more! In my talk, The Spring Update, I will introduce the next generation of the Spring framework, poised to help you confront tomorrow’s challenges.

Then, in Multi Client Development with Spring, I’ll introduce Spring’s support for building next-generation web applications. With Spring MVC - a request-driven web framework - you can easily expose RESTful services, secure them with Spring Security OAuth, connect them to social service providers like Facebook and Twitter using Spring Social, and then connect them to mobile clients with Spring Mobile and/or Spring Android.

Join me for these talks and we’ll look at today’s Spring: the Spring that helps you build tomorrow’s applications, today.


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