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Interview: Big Data guru Andreas Neumann talks Hadoop YARN

It’s that time again. Another day, another interview with one of our Speaker heavyweights from this year’s FREE to attend JAXConf in Santa Clara, California on June 4-5. With over 40 sessions, keynotes and Java Rock Stars in attendance it’s not to be missed. Have you registered yet? Don’t miss out on the chance to see Andreas deliver his session on Hadoop YARN. Register today here.


JAX - Can you sum up your JAXConf session in 140 characters?

Andreas - How every Java programmer can build scalable distributed applications with YARN


JAX - Why is the theme of your session important to developers right now?

Andreas - For a long time, applications have been generating big data. Now is the time to extract insight and value out of that data. Open Source frameworks like Hadoop lower the threshold to get started with Big Data, and soon enough Big Data apps will as ubiquitous as Web apps are today.


JAX - Why did you start coding?

Andreas - Because of those voices in my head speaking Java


JAX - What in the development world (project or otherwise) is really interesting you at the moment?

Andreas - The rediscovery of functional programming - with Erlang and Scala - in the Big Data world


JAX - Who are your tech heroes?

Andreas - Doug Cutting for creating Lucene and Hadoop; MacGyver for teaching me everything about duct tape.


JAX - What does the future hold for Java and/or the JVM?

Andreas - If I knew I would be working on it - or am I?


JAX - What’s the soundtrack to your work?

Andreas - Spotify


JAX - And finally, would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Explain your reasoning.

Andreas - I would rather fight 10000 bee-sized elephants. This is how I deal with big data every day.


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