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JAXConf 2013 goes free

Today, we’re announcing a big change to JAXConf - entry to June’s event in Santa Clara will now be free.

Are we mad? Yes, almost certainly. But it’s born out of a recognition that an innovative community needs a truly innovative event. We took a long, hard look at the US Java conference scene, and decided that we wanted to create a completely new kind of event - one where knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the Java space can be shared by all, free of charge.

We were so excited by this idea that we didn’t want to wait for next year to get going. So we decided to make every keynote and session free to attend at JAXConf 2013. If you have already registered for JAXConf 2013 you will have received an email already to organize your refund.

In keeping with this new direction, we’ve also cut the prices of our full-day workshops (more to be announced soon) to $299.

We’ve already been working hard for several months on JAXConf, and our dedication to collecting some of the biggest names in the industry under one roof will not waiver. GitHub’s Tim Berglund, Netflix “cloud guy” Adrian Cole and Java evangelist Stephen Chin are just a few of the names on our incredible speaker lineup.

We’re super excited about our change of direction, and we hope you are too. Make sure to register now (free of charge, of course!) so we know you’re coming.

— The JAXConf team

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