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Live on the edge with Netflix OSS!

Software vet Carl Quinn and ‘Cloud Guy’ Adrian Cole are your guides to Netflix OSS and Edge architecture at JAXConf 2013. But we thought we would give you a little insight into why we are so excited about their attendance.


Carl Quinn’s presentation ‘The Netflix OSS Cloud’ will be an UNMISSABLE overview of Netflix OSS Tools and how each works together with the pre-existing AWS (Amazon Web Service) to help improve the manageability of cloud objects. Whereas Adrian Cole is giving a never-before-presented session on Netflix’s Edge Architecture and how it underpins a system responsible for a third of all internet bandwidth usage in the US.  


Just how the hell do Netflix do it? How can you apply this ground-breaking tech to your own project? Well Adrian will show you this and much much more in ‘Livin’ on the edge: Netflix edge architecture ‘! Including how we deal with DNS, distributed load balancing as well as discovery of mid-tier services. You’ll understand which service components are involved with edge traffic management. When you leave, you’ll able to live on the Edge just like Netflix!

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